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CNC routing service

What is a CNC routing service?

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is a state of the art technology that revolutionised manufacturing. Coupled with the appropriate design software such as CAD design and incorporated within the machines are tools such as: lathes, mills, router and grinder to meet specifications of the product. With the ability to cut any shape out of a huge selection of materials, the possibilities of the finished product are endless.

Why choose MDF product shop CNC routing service?

We have top of the range axis machines which all have the ability to meet our client’s specifications. Traditionally starting out as a CNC routing company, we have vast experience and have proven history of outstanding service. Our clients work with our dedicated design team to bring their ideas to reality, once designed a prototype is created to ensure the practicality and specifications of the product are met. When our clients are happy, we move onto manufacturing the product ensuring quality is maintained throughout, once the quantity is hit we sufficiently pack and deliver the product on time.  

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